About us

 Uit de Andes is an online store established in The Netherlands since January 2014, which imports original goods from Peru, with  focus on fair trade products and Peruvian garments from our exclusive clothing line for children Kuychi Knitwear. Mensen achter UIt de Andes

Uit de Andes is owned by Angela Soriano; she is born in Cusco, Peru and since 2011 she lives in Amsterdam. Her passion for authentic Peruvian textiles and handmade products inspired her to start a small business between her loved country Peru and her new hometown Amsterdam. Besides, she works together with her mother, who lives in Peru, on their own clothing line of unique and fair trade alpaca wool knitwear for kids.

Uit de Andes works based in two main pillars:

Fair Trade

Uit de Andes is committed with fair trade practices. Sra. Flor Illa We work with local artisans of Cusco, Peru; so that they earn a fair income for their work. And garments of Kuychi Knitwear are made by a small group of knitters who work  at home  and can take care of their children while receive a fair wage but also we can follow the production process of each item, and our customers can know who made the garment.

We do not sell ‘fast fashion’, but sustainable clothing

Peruvian handicrafts

The Peruvian crafts belong to an old tradition that is passed down from generation to generation.

Peru is a very diverse country. For thousand of families and even entire villages , the manufacture of handicraft products have a  fundamental importance, not only to preserve their own cultural identity, but mainly as a source of income. 

With this project we achieve to  contribute to this cultural tradition will not disappear and strengthen the local economy.